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Getting Fit with a Fittness App - Pros and Cons

There are many app coming up daily for fitness but are they all effective equally as hiring a professional. In this Blog post I ’ll tell you the Pros and Cons of a Fittness App.

How the Fitness Apps works

Nowadays People are too lazy and are looking for the simplest and quickest way to get the job done. This is what caused the ‘boom’ of app technology for devices and thats why it continues to grow every day. You can get apps to track food, track exercise, get workouts, circuit timers, the list goes on and on.

But how beneficial are these apps when it comes to the fitness industry?

Advantages -

1. You can do it yourself without depending on anyone - A self motivated person can achieve results with an App.

2. Afordable rates - Most fitness apps are either cheap or very affordable. This also makes them very appealing because we all know hiring Professionals are costly.

3.Get Workout Ideas For Free – For any intensity level -There are also apps out there for people who are beginners, intermediate or advanced fitness levels. This is very beneficial for those just starting out. The few who are too afraid to go to the gym and look like a fool not knowing what they are doing.This case an App can help you get to know the things you need to know about Workouts.

4.Compatible with most phones

5. Daily Diet/Calorie Monitoring- There is a comprehensive list of foods with their nutrition and caloric information. Calorie counters are available to keep a track of the total calorie intake. You can even monitor your calorie intake over the last few days or weeks.

6.Additional Health Information and Data- Health and Fitness trackers can track your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, pulse, etc. Many running applications can count your steps and the distance covered in case you are running on an unmarked track or on the road.



1. No Personalisation - Most of the fitness Apps for calorie counting, tracking, counting and the Diet plans you get in the Apps are already set ones for the general groups or types. It is very hard to get a personalised diet that suits your taste and lifestlye and medical conditions.

2. No Motivation - Most people don’t have what it takes to push themselves far enough to make changes in their body, and that’s just what a personal Dietitian can help you.

3. No guarentee in results - The results are hardly achieved because the motivation is low. App works with a set of instuctions already given and the messages are not a personalised ones.

4. Dangerous - some workouts and extreme dieting can be dangerous to some people with underlying medical conditions. Many of the App diets create severe defeciency in many people leading to any health complications.An App can never replace a professional help so without proper monitoring some workouts and diets from apps can be dangerous to people and can also worsen health.

5.Chances for errors, injuries, and inaccurate diet information- Everybody is different and diet consultation should depend on many factors. Without a professional personal help people tend to get into injuries and inaccurate diet for people with medical condiitons and errors are common in Fitness Apps.

6. Unhealthy Calorie Counting- There are several scientific reasons why food choices should be based on various other aspects – not just calories. Calorie counting seems to be the easiest way to lose weight and achieve fitness goals, but different types of food affect the body in different ways. Two separate diets consisting of the same amount of calories, but with different variations of nutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates), may have a much different effect on the body. That’s why it’s important to focus on nutritive factors other than just the calories.

7. Incomplete list of items for Daily Diet/Calorie Monitoring- There is no App with full list of food items. Each food prepared will differ with the ingredients and the amount used for cooking . So the calorie counting from the App is never complete and accurate with their nutritional and caloric information.


In Longevity Diet Clinic, You can manage your personalised consultation from anywhere in the world,

How Longevity Diet Clinic works

Longevity Diet Clinic is a one-o-one consultation with the client and Dietitian Online and the consultations is very personalised and the results are accurate in terms of quality

Every Person is Different and a Diet should be made according to his/her needs, considering the medical conditions to get an Amazing Result

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