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About  Your Dietitian Specialist - Dr. Princy Cherian

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Dr. Princy Cherian is one of the Top and Best Dietitian Specialist and Nutritionist working  for Indians for Normal & Therapeutic Diet Therapies. She is MG University Top Rank Holder in Post Graduation for Nutrition and Dietetics.


Princy has worked on many life changing nutritional counselling, dynamic group seminars and expert nutrition advises.

She is the only dietitian in India who traveled more than 23 countries and learn about food, lifestyle and their influence on health and she is able to plan diets in different cuisine according to the location and preference of her International Clients from over 16 countries.

She works with her clients in a holistic approach that helps to improve their relationship with food and reduce the stress about improving lifestyle and food habits.


She encourages her clients to believe in a healthy  approach and encourages clients to dump the calorie counting and diet mentality and enjoy real and wholesome foods which is beneficial for a healthy body in the long run.


Princy motivates her clients to try healthy twist to traditional recipes, lead healthier happy life through nutrition and exercise.


She believes temporary results are not the targets, the focus should be on the overall health.


She is expert in Weight management, Hormone Balancing, Infertility, Reverse Diabetes, Thyroid imbalance, Cholesterol and Heart Healthy Diets and deals different Digestive problems.


She treats every person as new experience and succeeded in treating both Normal and Therapeutic diets with positive feed backs.



  • MG University Top Rank holder for Post Graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Best Dietitian for Therapeutic Health care

  • International Healthcare Awards  & Conference for best Dietitians 2017

  • ​She traveled more than 23 Countries in the world, and she took the opportunity to learn different food habits in each countries.

  • Biggest Achievement is her passion in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics' and she is able to consult online, her clients are from different parts of the world.

  • She believes and succeed in her Own method of approach without depending on medicines or supplements. 

  • Her relationship with clients is commendable with her friendly approach and open communication.

  • Everybody is important, and every body is different that is her belief in treating her Clients.

  • She won many prizes in competitions for cooking, baking and cake decorations

  • She is 3 times winner of MISS BEAUTY COMPETITION.

  • Articles and Features published in many leading magazines and websites.

  • Client base from 16+ countries  which includes privacy protected clients from Normal to VVIP`s for Diet Consultation.

  • Women`s Healthcare & Leadership Award for Excellence May 2022

  • Healthcare Award for Most Trusted Dietitian in Kerala 11th June 2023 


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  • Masters in Food Service Management  and Dietetics from MG University, India

  • Bachelor`s in Family and Community Science from MG University, India

  • Online Diabetes Course from British Journal of Medicine and Medical research (BMJ) , Australia

  • Online Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA

  • Online Resources from Nutritional Education For Health Practitioners

  • Online Member of ICDA (International Confederation of Dietetic Association)


  • Seminar in Weight and Cholesterol Management - Prof. Pramod Khosla, Wayne University, Detroit at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Thesis done on Lipid Profile comparison on Smokers and Non-Smokers in Kerala, India

  • Project done on "Prevalence of Nutritional Anemia on Adolescence Girls in Kerala".

  • Project done on "Nutritional Assessment of Pre-school children".

  • Participated in the "Rapid Appraisal Study cum Intervention Programme on Health and Nutrition" conducted as a part of UNFPA sponsored "Partnership Coastal Health Programme in Kerala, India.

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