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Importance of Personalised Diet Consultations..

A Dietitian is one of the best Job in the world. It gives you so much of freedom and creativiity to work on any platforms and being sucessfull each time brings you lots of responsibilities too.. Everytime there will be lots of offerings from different areas that can deviate your focus away from what you do as a Dietitian. So staying in focus is also very important.

Dietitian help you to have a positive attitude toward life, and help you to think positively.
It is best to spend on Health than risking your life and costing your savings to Sickness.

Most of the people believe Dietitians are for weight loss only. I am a Consultant Dietitian for Normal and Therapeutic Consultation. Normal Consultation are for those people who needs services like Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Food Allergies ,Intolerance and Defeciencies.

Therapeutic Consultations are done when you have one or more medical conditions and a diet according to your body type and medical conditions will help you get into normal range.

Here’s how to do a Personalised Consultation:

  1. Booking & Confirming your Consultation with Longevity Diet Clinic.

  2. Then a Complete Assesment of your medical conditions, lifestyle, body type and eating habits and many factors is done.

  3. Analysing the data and Planning a Personalised Diet depending on your medical conditions and Body type.

  4. Making an Action Plan for Reaching the Target in the timeline given.

  5. After the Target is reached, a Maintenance Guidance is planned so the result is maintained even after the package done.

Longevity Diet Clinic is proud to help many clients from over 20+ countries to get healthy. Online consultation have been so convenient that getting healthy with a prefessional is now possible at your finger tips.



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