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Diet Guidance for Crohn`s Disease

Crohn`s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, that may affect from any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus.

REASONS · Food style · Absence of good microbes in the intestinal tract · Absence of individual nutrients · Incidental contaminants · Malnutrition



Diet mainly depends on the progressive stage of the disease. This is a guidance for Diet who is in a preliminarry stage or Just diagnosed with Crohn`s.

Diet things to consider

· Fiber - The fiber content of the food should be medium level. Cook very well.

Because fiber is not easily digested and lead to ulceration in Crohn`s patient.

· Sugar amount in the food should be lowered, as Crohn`s patient tend to have cramping pain, gas and diarrhea.

· Meals should be small and frequently eaten in 5-6 times.

· Isotonic solutions should be taken daily- like coconut water or rice water 1 cup at any time of the day is good. It helps to improve and balance the electrolytes.

· Meals should be rich in prebiotic( fermented foods)

· Include probiotic foods like (curd, lassie ,buttermilk ,paneer, low fat cheese) in the meals

· For Cooking, use mixed Oil use extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil & flaxseed oil

· Fruits and vegetable should be cooked well and eaten. Prepare only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

· Fresh juice and vegetables-Avoid drinking vegetable juice or fruit juice raw, if u want to drink it raw, strain and drink, degrading the fibers.

· Completely avoid red meat like beef, mutton, etc...

· Completely avoid alcohol- drinking any amount of alcohol will increase your Crohn`s

· Try to include omega- 3 rich food- like sardine, mackerel, salmon fish , egg boiled 3-4 in a week. Nuts like almonds ,walnut, Seeds-flaxseed, green leafy vegetables

· Do not eat food with too much acidic, spicy, carbonated, processed, and food containing preservatives and Trans fat.

· Prepare and eat foods immediately, never use left overs.

· Drink plenty of water.

SUPPLEMENTS (if your food can’t adequately provide)

Many people with Crohn's disease can get what they need from their diet, but if you have underwent surgeries or based on the severity of your disease, you may have few nutritional defeciencies, so a daily multivitamin will help then get enough nutrients for the lacking ones. · Multivitamins and minerals · Prebiotics and probiotics

Recommended problems to check in future:- 1. Anemia, 2. Gastro Intestinal Narrowing- symptoms like bloating, nausea, diarrhea 3. Malabsorption-nausea ,vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain 4. Food allergy- milk, wheat, or anything 5. Ulcer ,fibrosis or mass 6. Gall stones 7. Follow up with your Doctor & Dietitian

This is the guidance diet for patients with Crohn`s, following a diet according to your medical condition will help to improve and avoid progressing of disease.

For Personalised Diet Consultation , Book your Consultation at or whatsapp to +917034489100

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